Built by Comms people, for Comms people.

We won’t pretend we knew we’d be here when we started Releasd back in 2012.

Having worked in Comms for years, we were sure our *original* idea was going to change the (PR) world: a genuinely great online press release tool. It was quite original...back then. And so we built a super-flexible platform that would allow PRs to share multimedia content with journalists in a quick and easy way.

Then, we got lucky

Thanks to its flexibility, early clients started using the platform for other things. Agencies reporting to their clients. Clients reporting to their managers. And then those in-house teams sharing work with stakeholders across their organisation.

And that’s where the magic happened.

Together with our clients we learned that, by sharing work in a truly visual, digestible and engaging way, two excellent things happened:

  1. the Comms team rose from the shadows and its value was finally understood, and
  2. stakeholders across the entire business could actually use the stuff being provided to do their own jobs more effectively.

Comms teams were sitting at the beating heart of their organisations.

Through a combination of our platform and best practice, we now help in-house teams across six continents transform the way they are perceived by the businesses they serve. And we love doing it.

So this is really a thank you letter to all of our clients who have shown us the way.

With a superb leadership team, an expanding international presence and big plans for the coming months and years, we are super excited about the journey ahead. Join us!

Richard & Elliot, Releasd Co-Founders

Leadership Team

Richard Benson


Richard spent 6 years in Communications, creating and growing the digital PR practice at a London based agency. He’s the voice of the customer, and heads up marketing at Releasd.

Elliot Jacobs


Elliot also spent 6 years in PR before co-founding Releasd, producing digital content for the likes of Disney and BP. He’s in charge of the product at Releasd.

Culture & Values

A culture doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s crafted by the human beings who, together, make up a living, breathing company. Our founders were determined to build a company that embodied what’s important to them and the clients they’d serve. Sharing these values is a prerequisite for working at Releasd.


We value emotional intelligence. Empathy for clients and colleagues. Problem solving and pragmatism.


We value drive, grit and ambition. Achievement, irrespective of age. Ideas above your station.


We value respect, regardless of role. The room to admit to mistakes and learn from them. ‘We’ over ‘I’.


Looking to join a fast growing team with a fantastic client base and big ambitions? We’re always open to chatting with excellent candidates who match our values. Get in touch with us at careers@releasd.com