Case Study: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Releasd empowers Carlson Wagonlit Travel's PR team to demonstrate how they support the baseline of the business, transforming their reporting into an internal engagement program that reaches across the business.

Business Summary

Companies and governments rely on CWT to keep their people moving. CWT provides travelers with a consumer-grade travel experience, combining innovative technology with vast experience. Every day CWT looks after enough travelers to fill almost 200 Boeing 747s and around 100,000 hotel rooms and handle 95 corporate events. CWT makes its customers’ business work.

Our stakeholders have suddenly realised how effective PR can be. We've seen fantastic engagement and a trust in the PR team that we didn't have previously. It's been a game changer for us.
Chloe Couchman, Global Media Relations Director

Why is stakeholder engagement important to you?

It's reputation management for the Communications team. It should demonstrate how we support the baseline of the business.

How was this being done prior to Releasd?

We were using PDFs and a very horrible email format that was really frustrating, unengaging and static.

We’re talking screenshots, the occasional link and no social media within it. It felt really disjointed and stagnant.

What challenges did that present?

The experience with old style reports was completely rubbish. They were simply not being read.

We had low awareness and I think it really didn't help with our overall reputation within the company.

That had a very serious knock-on effect because it would quite often impair our ability to justify our budget.

What first drove you to explore Releasd?

We realised that we really had to show our worth and demonstrate that we were doing a valuable job within PR.

Releasd ticked all the boxes in terms of what communications reporting should be. Straight away we saw that it was engaging to look at. It felt current and really demonstrated the breadth of media that we now work with. It felt inline with the digital world which is important for us as a business.

What are you using Releasd for?

I would say the majority of the work that we're producing at the moment is monthly reports. We're also able to report on stand-alone product showcases as well.

Who are your stakeholders?

The reporting journey is now far and wide across the company. Before we literally only sent the results of our work with the Executive team. But because of Releasd’s success, It's now shared with all twenty thousand staff. It's actually gone from a reporting mechanism to an internal engagement program. So that’s changed quite significantly.

What impact has Releasd had?

It's suddenly highlighted the worth of the PR team, which I'm incredibly pleased about.

I think our stakeholders have suddenly realised how effective PR can be to a business. We've seen fantastic engagement and a trust in the PR team that we didn't have previously. It's been a game changer for us.

Also it’s been incredibly important to have the sort of platform that our stakeholders can access when they're out of the office.

And as far as the response from our Executive team goes, I’ll let them speak for themselves:

“Wow – great new format! Very impressive and much more valuable. Thank you”
“This format is easy to review, and love that it’s available when not on the network.”
“Great job. We’re becoming more digital every day.”
“I think this is outstanding a terrific showcase – congratulations! Really eager to share across APAC!”
“Great work Chloe and team. Excellent and engaging content and format.”

What would you say to others considering adopting Releasd?

It's been blindingly obvious that there's a massive gap in how we report the value of PR. It's definitely the tool that the industry's been waiting for.

I would say, if you're going to report, really there is no other option than to use this platform. I haven't seen anything else like it on the market and for me, just the ease of use has been just fantastic - the engagement, brilliant.

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