Newgate Case Study

It is a great format. It delivers immediacy and a degree of intrigue. The client’s client wants to open it.

Releasd gives us access to places that we have not had access to before.
Deborah Saw, Newgate Communications

Why is effective reporting important to you?

Reporting is the only means we have of keeping clients happy and obtaining more budget.

We have to create as many opportunities as we can to engage the client. We have to give them the opportunity to merchandise our work internally to their bosses who are the ones who sign off the budget at the end of the year.

Basically, we have to make it easy for clients to show off how clever they are for selecting us as their agency!

What formats were you using prior to Releasd?

Traditional coverage books or PDFs.

What challenges did those formats present?

We did a wrap-up for a client prior to using Releasd and it took took the Account Exec three days and two hours of my time to get it the way I wanted it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re looking at £5,000 of time in all. And it was 156 pages in the end!

These reports do not excite the client. Why would they? They won’t read it. If I’m honest I reckon only about 5% of clients read our old reports.

What first drove you to explore Releasd?

I just bloody loved it!

The one thing that agencies do not like is having their clients disadvantage them, put them in the position of weakness. You always have to be ahead of the game. I would regard it as a huge failure if my client suggested a service that I did not know about. I tell my clients about things, they don’t tell me about things!

I just bloody loved it!

What impact has Releasd had in terms of reporting?

It is a great format. It delivers immediacy and a degree of intrigue. The client’s client wants to open it. Releasd gives us access to places that we might not have had access to before. We’ve had feedback from the client’s boss. “Wow, I knew that had worked but I hadn’t known how well it worked.”

Obviously it saves time. If you were looking at three days, you can now do it, if you’re organised, in half a day max. Everything about it is enjoyable, because you create something sexy and you have an end result in minutes.

And what impact has it had in terms of new business?

It used to be that you knew exactly who you were pitching against; for every opportunity you know who was out there. But now there’s so much choice for clients. They probably get 20 creds before a pitch and there’s no way they can read them all.

We had a pitch a couple of months ago and we did our creds on Releasd. Well, we blew them away and walked onto the shortlist because we showcased our work in a way that made it as easy as possible for the client to review it. Simple as that.

Anything you’d like to add?

We love working with the team at Releasd! It’s dead easy and they’re very, very, helpful. I would say that it’s a truly consultative relationship. They’re always on hand to offer support and advice and that’s great - because you know there are so many people who sell you something and that’s the last you ever see of them!

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