Case Study: SITA

SITA’s PR and Communications team have adopted Releasd to help them share useful content and collateral with the Marketing and Sales teams.

Business Summary

SITA delivers and manages sophisticated business solutions for air transport, global distribution systems and government customers over the world’s most extensive network.

  • Website:
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services
  • Founded: 1949
  • Staff: 4,500+
  • Interviewee: Susan Brown
  • Position: Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications
A senior leader took the time to send me a note: “I think it's a great initiative and a great way to show your work more visually."
Susan Brown, Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Why is stakeholder engagement important to you?

The ability to showcase our PR output and outcomes is essential to understanding where we as a team are making an impact and where we need to revise our comms plans to meet our strategic objectives.

How was this being done prior to Releasd?

It was email based. If it was on a specific product launch, the recap report would be "Here are a lot of links", that kind of thing. We never had it formalised.

What challenges did that present?

If I send you an email that has a link to 50 stories, however you might break those up, you are not going to have the time or inclination to read all of them.

We weren't circulating reports from our nine different agencies to senior leaders. They had too much other work to do, so wouldn’t have sifted through those kinds of reports.

Finally, nothing was being sent out globally to our people. We didn't do anything like that.

What first drove you to explore Releasd?

I'm always curious and looking for ways to make our job easier. We wanted to better engage and report back to our board and council members.

Usually you look for agencies to bring these kinds of tools to the table, but in this case, I did the demo and it seemed to make sense and we said 'Let’s do it!'

What are you using Releasd for?

Our events team uses it. They got it really quickly. We have something called the President's Club, which is for the Sales team; people who excel and go to some warm exotic place and have a nice holiday with their family and the CEO. They’ll do a wrap up of that, and other events throughout the year.

We also do one now for our whole marketing and sales operations organisation per quarter. It goes to senior leaders.

Finally, our agencies use the tool to report back into us.

What impact has Releasd had?

With Releasd, it's much more visual; you can scroll through different articles and it's embedded in your mind. Our social media work is now incorporated into our reports.

Overall, it's a lot easier to see the full impact of our work.

A senior leader took the time to send me a note: “I think it's a great initiative and a great way to show your work more visually.

What would you say to others considering adopting Releasd?

The team at Releasd are always great and very responsive and helpful. Always coming up with new functionality. We really appreciate that ongoing dialogue.

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