eBook: How to PR your PR Team

A practical, step-by-step guide for in-house Comms teams
looking to better engage stakeholders across their organisation.

The #1 guide for Comms teams

The underlying process of selling in a story becomes second nature to every PR, hard-won through years of practice. The ability to cut through the noise and tell a compelling story is powerful skillset that is truly unique to our industry.

In this eBook we show that the approach that is taken when engaging the media can be just as effective when promoting the work of the Comms team to the wider business.

Ideal for in-house Comms professionals looking to:

  • Educate non-PR-savvy audiences
  • Demonstrate the value that Comms is providing to the business
  • Enable other teams to leverage the work that has been done
  • Build a sense of pride
  • Increase budgets or get promoted

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There's got to be an element of PR for the PR team. Surely, if we can't communicate our own worth then we shouldn't be doing our jobs!
Charlotte Freeman, Director PR & Communications | EMEA & UK