A suite of features designed to empower modern Comms teams.
No technical expertise required.

Customise Branding

Control the look and feel of Pages without the need for a designer.

Upload a logo and background image, easily pick colours for key elements on the Page and select from a range of fonts.

Drag and Drop

Simply drag and drop ‘widgets’ onto the Page, add content and rearrange as needed.

Highlight your best work

Ensure your best work stands out by presenting it in a special ‘Highlights’ section.

Edit Highlights on a Page-by-Page basis and include as much or as little content as needed.

Showcase Live Coverage

Every time a stakeholder visits a Page, they’ll be seeing the latest content.

Showcase live online coverage, playable video, dynamic charts, and interactive social posts with up-to-date stats.

Provide Crucial Context

Add contextual information in the form of copy, charts and graphs to demystify Comms and show how it impacted the wider business.

Share Valuable Collateral

Help stakeholders across the organization actually use the materials that have been created.

  • Download images in different sizes
  • Download video files
  • Download documents
  • Grab embed codes

Save Time with Templates

No need to start from scratch. Our Client Success team will help you create bespoke Pages that present your work in the most effective way possible.

Simply duplicate these Templates when needed, maintaining consistency and saving huge amounts of time.

Keep Pages Secure

Unlike traditional documents, Releasd Pages can be protected before and after they’ve been shared.

Pages are hidden from search engines, and are shared via highly secure URLs. Add passwords, set auto-expiry dates, scramble URLs and more.

Track Engagement

Gauge the success of Pages via the in-built analytics system.

Track visits over time, see how long users are spending on the Page and understand which devices they are using.

Manage Users

Maintain control over the Releasd platform at all times.

Grant and revoke access for specific users, set privileges and create email alerts for key activities.

And Much More

Releasd has a raft of features designed to help modern Comms teams share their work with busy stakeholders. Get in touch for a full product tour.

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