Features that help Execs unite the organisation

Arming busy Execs with a concise snapshot of the latest Comms activity will aid decision-making, increase transparency and ensure that the business is acting as a single unit.

Executive summary

Provide a concise introduction that summarises the work that’s been done and why it matters to the business.

Key traditional and social coverage

Maximise the limited attention span of busy Execs by highlighting the most pertinent, impactful coverage across any channel.

Insightful quotes

Highlight pertinent comments and showcase them in a way that helps Execs quickly understand how the business is perceived by media influencers.

Supporting content

Show where they money has been spent by including the content that underpinned the activity.

Upcoming activities

Align business units and encourage collaboration by sharing forthcoming events and activities.

Relevant facts and figures

Show how Comms helped the business achieve its goals by hand-picking the most pertinent metrics and presenting them in a clear and engaging way.

“Our senior stakeholders have suddenly realised how effective PR can be to a business. We've seen fantastic engagement and a trust in the PR team that we didn't have previously. It's been a game changer for us.”

Global Media Relations Director