Case Study:

Kate Ford

Managing Partner


“It helps us to compete on a level footing with agencies that might be much bigger than us.”

Why is effective reporting important to Jump?

“It's mostly so the client knows exactly what we're doing for them.

Quite often, the person that we deal with on a day to day basis is not in charge of overall budget and is not in charge of hiring a PR agency, so it should be a way of showing that we provide value to those big key stakeholders too.”

What formats were you using prior to Releasd?

“It varied a little bit between Word and PDF documents.”

What challenges did those formats present to you and the client?

“It was quite a laborious and time consuming process.

The reports were not very appealing or engaging which meant that the vast bulk of our work never really made it beyond the PR team.”

What first drove you to explore Releasd?

“Colleagues within bigger agencies saying, "Oh, we've got this fantastic new way of reporting - it is so much quicker and easier.”

What have you used Releasd for?

“We use it on a very regular basis for our progress reports - our monthly and quarterly reporting to clients.

We also use it for creds and create dedicated Releasd pages for potential new business. We'll compile relevant information from other clients that we've worked on, to show examples of our work that's specifically relevant to them.”

“We constantly get, ‘This is fabulous, we love it. This looks really good!‘

What impact has Releasd had in terms of reporting?

I know for a fact that our reports make it further up the chain. They're shared with executive level personnel within the company; they're shared with the sales team; they’re shared with product development. It's just that level of engagement which in turn helps us when we need to work with those departments. They know who we are so we don't have to continually re-sell ourselves!

Also, everything's in one place. We're not compiling multiple documents, and there’s much less copying and pasting, so that saves a huge amount of time. It makes life easier, so rather than spending several days or even weeks doing reports, we can do them in a faction of the time..

It's a neat and engaging way to present what we do for a client. You get that instant impact when you send a Releasd link. We constantly get, "This is fabulous, we love it. This looks really good!” This makes them want to look another level deeper, to actually look at the detail of what we've done.”

Anything else you want to add?

“We really love Releasd!”

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