100K PR Reports. 400K Individual KPIs.
We Uncovered The Most Popular PR KPIs.

In recent years, we have amassed a treasure trove of global data on the most popular PR KPIs. This data offers insights into
how agencies and in-house teams are choosing to measure PR success. And now we want to share our findings with you.
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Find out the answers to these questions and more in our exclusive report. As a go-to coverage reporting platform, we are in a unique position to objectively analyse industry trends.

Oh, and did we mention the full report is totally free?

Learn how PRs are measuring their work behind closed doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the report data come from?

Our real-world data comes from thousands of PR agencies, in-house teams and freelancers from across the globe. These professionals all utilise our platform to build customised reports that showcase their achievements. With over six years of data, we have a clear picture of how PR professionals are using KPIs to measure success - and we want to share this with you.

Why is this report useful?

With access to data on emerging KPI trends, you can begin to make informed decisions on how to structure your PR reports. If you want to know how other PR professionals are measuring their work behind closed doors, you need to read our report. On our platform, PRs have always had the freedom to create custom KPIs, showing us exactly how they measure success.

Does this report offer actionable insights?

Once you have read the report, you may choose to refocus your approach to reporting PR success. From data on how measurement has changed over the years to emerging types of KPIs, there is no shortage of insights to inform your reporting strategy going forward.

The Truth About PR KPIs.
A Report Six Years In The Making.

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With nobody except clients and executives watching, how are PR professionals evaluating their work?

Find out the answers in our report: