Case Studies

Releasd is trusted by Comms teams of all sizes across a range of industries.
Take a look at some of our client success stories below.

  • 4

“It helps us to compete on a level footing with agencies that might be much bigger than us.”

Kate Ford Managing Partner
  • 31,000

“People have a much better idea of what we're doing and how important it is to the business.”

Julia Harisson Senior Marketing Communications Manager
  • 1000

"Clients love the reports. They're much more dynamic than the old style PowerPoints or PDFs."

Jon Meakin Global Head of Strategic Services
  • 18,000

"Releasd saves a huge amount of time for my team. Everything is there in one place."

Aurelie Kane Communications Director
  • 1,000+

“There's no client that we've introduced it to that didn’t want to use it."

Tara O’Donnell Managing Director
  • 42,000

“It just gives us a lot more scope to share our work. That's why we love it.”

Simon Dornan Head of Consumer PR
  • 75

“We’ve had wonderful feedback from clients. It makes them look great to their stakeholders.”

Elisabeth Field CEO
  • 1,800

"It’s an easier way to digest the coverage and it makes it much easier to see the benefit of PR."

Sarah-Anne Bray Senior Communications Manager
  • 40

“Releasd allows us to broaden the reach of our relationships within client organisations."

Rob Ettridge Partner
  • 6,500

"Since using Releasd we're getting a lot more engagement from Executives."

Dani Filer Global Communications Director
  • 17

“I'm not just saying this. Genuinely, we have our clients come back and say ‘Wow, that's amazing.’”

Gareth Thomas Co-Founder
  • 15,000

"Everybody gets to see the coverage that we're achieving and how successful our work is."

Charlotte Freeman Director PR & Communications | EMEA & UK
  • 235

“Releasd gives us access to places that we have not had access to before.”

Deborah Saw Executive Chair
  • 31,000

"Releasd is a great platform to create an overview, and brand our team’s work."

Kuzey Alexander Esener Head of Media Relations
  • 5

“It is extremely easy to use. The simple drag and drop system means you can’t really break it!”

Dan Blythe Director

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